asked Dec 12 '17 at 01:14 by StephenSteven (14)


When I try to bounce more than one clip at a time the same message appears each time : "Missing files". Some files are effectively missing since some bounced clips won't play after the recording step. The problem seems to occur when at least 3 or 4 clips are selected. I bounce using real time sampling through my sound card. There is no special message in the console except "[2017-12-12 01:09:19 notifications error] Files are missing: " Any idea of what could be the problem ?

System info:

  • Bitwig Studio 2.2.2
  • Scarlett 2i4 USB
  • Linux Mint 18.1 x86_64

Nearly two years later I still have the exact problem even if I got the information from support by mail that this has been fixed. I'm now on 2.4.3

My options:

  • Bounce clips one by one
  • Copy track, join all clips in a single one, bounce the clip

Not convenient at all!

By the way, why bounce in place is not possible in real time?


answered Oct 26 '19 at 19:10 by StephenSteven (14)

I had the same issue, it's been fixed in 3.0.2: "Notification that files were missing could be shown when bouncing and recording audio in some cases". The bug has to do with the notifications, the actual files should be there. Support advised me to reload the project or use the missing files tab as a workaround, the "missing" clips will play after that.


answered Oct 30 '19 at 13:04 by rgeens (11)

edited Oct 30 '19 at 13:09

It is not in any way fixed. This is absolute insanity. I just lost like 50 bounces.

I'd add the screenshots, but I don't have enough Karma. That must be why I lost hours and hours of work.



answered May 02 at 04:22 by flowstategames (33)

In that case it's best to contact with your screenshots, and steps to reproduce and project files if possible. That's how they were able to fix my issue.


answered May 02 at 08:48 by rgeens (11)

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