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Hi, I'd like to load vsts from my mac and use on my Linux pc - how do I do it? where to copy it?


I don't know the mac way.. but you probably also have windows versions of your plugins available.. And for win plugins try airwave first, it is the easiest. Here is the Arch package but you need to either find it in your own distro's repositories or compile it from the git mentioned in the link. You also need to install wine for this.

run the pluing installer exe file with wine and after that open airwave-manager. In here you create a "link" to the specific plugin dll file in your wine directory and place that link in .vst folder in your home directory. .vst is a hidden folder in case you can't see it. Linux doesn't understand dll files so the link file will have a .so extention. Keep an eye on airwave-manager when opening Bitwig and you see it starts doing something with the plugins.

Don't expect all plugins to work good. The plugins themself usually work, but I find the main problems to be with the gui that crashes due to stuff like animations and openGL stuff. Some plugin makers tend to over-do everything they can to make their plugins look as fancy as possible and that involves a lot of objects that can make them unstable in a wine/linux combo. I'd rather see plugin makers focus on stability, unbloat, the tasks that the plugin perfoms and low cpu/mem consumption. There is also a big difference in which programming language they have chosen to write it in. But when this is said, there is actually a lot of plugins that work pretty good, with just minor issues, that you can live with. I have found in Bitwig that they rarely crash if you close the plugin window before going back to do something in your DAW or goes to a another plugin window, it involves a few more mouseclicks, but you'll get used to it. I seen a lot of cases where the gui has crashed, but the plugin still works fine in the background. Even automation on most plugins work fine.

When plugins crash use ps -ef |grep airwave and find the pid and kill it. You will often see it as defunct. If it cant be killed, look at the parent pid that owns the pid and kill that instead. After this just load it again in bitwig. Most of the times you can continue working in bitwig without bitwig crashing. I just have a terminal window open on another workspace and can kill a pid in few seconds and continue my workflow. One thing I never got working is drag 'n drop from plugin to host (bitwig). On some plugins with samples that you drag into tracks this is a problem.. Like Ez-drummer and Superior drummer. But beside that if you just want the drum sounds and writes your own midi, they work great. Wine 3 has just been released, maybe they find a way to fix it in the future, it is a problem on many types of software, not just music software. Some plugins need to get validated online, for all mine this has worked great, when I click the button my usual browser opens and navigate me to the specific URL without problems.

You can look into LinVst also, it basicly does the same, but you create the symlinks between the .dll an .so files you self.

I generally find that even though they run through wine I have no problematic latency at all. I can play both guitar and midi keyboard without getting distracted.


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