asked Dec 16 '17 at 12:43 by djx (319)

I'm trying to find a reliable way to sync the elektron analog rytm mk II and bitwig studio. So far everything I have tried either gives me unreliable sync or just crashes bitwigs audio engine and plugin host. So I'm interested if anybody has any success stories to share?

(I'm doing everything with midi - no usb at this stage) I first tried sending midi clock from bws to rytm. Simple to set up. I had to set a 70ms offset to get sync. This works, but it is unreliable. Seems a bit hit and miss. Often it simply doesnt sync and stays that way until I stop the transport and restart it.

Next I tried sending midi clock from rytm and using the bws input sync set to the incoming midi. This works too. Needs a 40ms timing offset and setting the bws tempo change responsiveness to 0.1. Sync locks well. BUT... now bitwig is crashing all the time.

Any ideas most welcome.



Just updating my question after more trial and error.

I'm getting the best results so far by using USB between bws and rytm and using Bws as master and sending clock to rytm. This seems pretty stable now. (I was wary of usb since my bad virus ti experience, so I didnt think to try usb at first).

I suspect that the crashing I mentioned were possibly bitwig bugs, but more likely my own fault! Because now I make sure that no track in bws is set to "all ins" for note inputs and the crashing stopped. Maybe I was setting up some kind of midi io loop? I dont know.

One more silly thing I did without realizing when I was playing around was I switched to preset patterns on the rytm that are not regular 4/4 timing. This made me think that the rytm timing had fallen out of sync with a simple test beat I had running in bitwig.

Anyway... if you got this far... here's another question...

I'm still interested in what is the best way to sync up multiple devices. I've seen various midi interfaces that can send midi clock and timecode etc. I'm assuming this is the kind of thing a larger studio would use. So how would it work with bitwig? They describe the sync as "Transport Sync", and if I set this to "MIDI Clock" I lose the ability to control the transport from within bitwig. Where-as on the rytm, midi clock and midi transport can be enabled/disabled independently.

Seems like what I really want is a stable hardware midi clock source that can sync everything in the studio, but I still want to control the transport from bitwig. And I get the feeling that this is not possible in its current implementation.



answered Dec 17 '17 at 08:09 by djx (319)

Hey! Hope you see this.

I'm trying to get the USB clock sync to work with a Rytm 1... no success. I get to choose it as the source but bitwig doesn't sync up... Can you run me through what you did to get it to work? I am on mac.


answered May 14 '18 at 22:09 by Deedleville (11)

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