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Is that a general problem that all software is crackable with keygens and other stuff?

I ask because i see on youtube, people support this illegal stuff...also BWS

Software is just bytes of data. Anything is "crackable" with the the correct changes to those bytes. Sometimes it's really hard to figure that out, though - possibly hard enough that it would be considered practically impossible to do.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people pirate things, including software. It is inevitable. Some people simply don't have the money to purchase things - e.g. college students. Some people do, and choose to illegally obtain software, anyway. It is a shame that costs for audio software are so high, though, that pirating seems like a necessity for some without the means of purchasing the software legally. For those that pirate things anyway, it is obvious they simply don't have the right blend of moral fiber in their body.

But, really, you shouldn't be asking yourself if it's possible or if it's been done. You should ask yourself what will you do?

Is Bitwig a DAW that you want to use? If yes, than purchasing it should be a no-brainer, because you need the developers to stay employed to fix bugs in it and add the features to it you want. If no, then spend the money to get the DAW that you do want to use.

The real reason you need to ask yourself this is because purchasing the software will actually help you learn how to use it. If you pirate everything under the sun, you'll jump from one thing to the next, looking for that 'magic software' that will make your music awesome. But you won't find it. You'll find a lot of software that you really don't know how to use well. When, if you actually spent some money to lock yourself into a particular piece of software, you will find that you actually spend the time to learn it. You will realize that Bitwig can do just about everything you need, without even having 3rd party plugins. You will learn the shortcut keys. You will find that they make you very productive. You will find that making a track with Bitwig can take many fewer days than with other DAWs. You will find that instead of trying everything and finding nothing that "works", you will find something that teaches you how to work.

Personally, I purchased Bitwig because I like what they've done with the software. They have solved so many problems with DAW shortcomings in a general way, it is truly amazing. I also own a few other DAWs legally. Bitwig ended up being my favorite. I "happily" pay the costs because I want the developers to keep improving the software (I would love it to be less expensive, though... ahem REAPER pricing is very fair). But I want to support developers making great stuff. I also will never again purchase software for which I need a hardware dongle. I had way too many bad experiences with Cubase.

While the piracy of software is very bad, we live in a society where people don't pay for music, either. It's a vicious cycle. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Although this isn't directly related to pirating the software, it certainly is tangentially related to pirating audio software: if people can't make money from the art, how can they afford to pay for things related to it?

There is nothing that anyone can say that will prevent software piracy from those who want to participate.

But you can make a choice to support the things you really like.


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Your right, but is it the truth that everything is crackable? Sure, if you u have one complete running system, then you can copy it and its "cracked". But restricted online Access (Dongle a.s.o) is also restricted for the users. But you dont have the guaranty that the system run correct. I know about illegal using software...long years i used a Software every day every year....but in one moment just one second, i thought, give this people, who working very hard, give this people something back...and i bought the biggest existing version and i was very happy then. I am integrated in the projects, development and its good for my self to help and feel "clean"...all the illegal shit was deleted...

Anyways...everybody should think about this topic...the demos are good running to testing around, and there are very good packages with controller and so the product is "tasty"...

For my self, i know if i suck illegal stuff, so i want to give something back, on different ways, one way is producing music and make this downloadable free, for every one...but the money, and this ill system behind the money is not compatible with the meaning of "give and take" is a illness. And a lot of people do "big style" copy/share maybe he dont like the system?! But there is no similar way the "pay" without money...any product cost money (pay means money). Opensource is a way to make Software free...maybe BWS can/should look around how this "opensource" work and how profitable it is. Philosophy, Money, Products and the value of labour is a difficult Stuff to talk about, while the Moneysystem works every second.

i have bought BWS to, And i use FLStudio (Signature bundle for years, and FL runs better as BWS in OSX) was still a "no brainer" i really like BWS and hope to help the persons, sending bugs and ideas to my friends in berlin. ;D

So thanks for you answer and point of view...u r right with all

Have a nice year, and a happy new one...


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