asked Dec 22 '14 at 23:36 by turbo_kev (79)

HI My keyboard controller is an Axiom pro 49 and it is capable of splitting the keyboard in 3 different places note bye note or ranges of notes in different octaves

I am moving over to bitwig from Cubase, and in Cubase I was able to have 3 instrument tracks with different vst,s on. And then make each track receive from different midi channels.

So I spilt my keyboard in to 3 different octaves , the lower octave transmitting midi 1. the middle octave on midi channel 2 and the high octave on midi channel 3.

My question is how do I do this with bitwig studio How do I make a track only receive on a certain mdi channel

many thanks kevin

I'm in the same position, also looking for an answer. I'm able to do this with Kontakt (have different midi channels connected to the same instance of kontakt, with multiple outputs coming out which each channel is paired with) so I assume there has to be a way in general.

  — (Apr 17 '15 at 02:00) NAEG

This is pretty quick and easy to set up: Place a note filter on each of the tracks and adjust to taste :) You can record on one track and use note receiver on three others too if you like. Note Filter has presets, so you can save your splits/ranges. You can even use an instrument layer device and have several splits on the same track.


answered Apr 19 '15 at 19:57 by andreh (36)

Not super experienced yet, but don't you just use a NOTE IN object on the channel you want and then assign the midi controller and channel to it?

*lol guess not

The only other thing I can think of is by using Jack and creating multiple generic controller midi inputs in bw. then wiring them to different channels in Jack.

  • maybe theres a way of adding a midi channel selector to the midi device by adding the option in a custom controller script.

answered Apr 17 '15 at 11:53 by ratsnake (211)

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