asked Dec 23 '17 at 11:52 by elbizri (21)

I have two Quneos, and three Axis-48 keyboards (one old chipset, two new). Currently, I am unable to plug them all in at the same time: I can have one Quneo, and the old and one new Axis-48. The other devices appear in the list, but midi notes are not received, and the Quneo stays frozen.

Any ideas? It's, quite literally, like playing with one hand behind my back.

Also, it seems like I have to plug and unplug the two working Axis keyboards every time I activate a new song. Mysterious.

Ok, this is resolved. YAY!

(Unfortunately, there are bugs with routing implementation. But still, it's amazing to get my full system working, even if it still involves (a little) sorcery! I'll file tickets as soon as I have something reproducible)


answered Jan 04 '18 at 18:20 by elbizri (21)

Looks like I spoke too soon. While I have had a few weeks of awesome bliss being able to play with both hands, sadly it was not to be. Now, despite the devices showing up in the controller list, only one is visible in the inputs section at a time. :(

I've tried everything, including deleting the devices from the windows device manager, rebooting and plugging in in again. It's definitely an issue in bitwig at this point - the device even show up there. :(


answered Jan 05 '18 at 07:21 by elbizri (21)

edited Jan 05 '18 at 07:22

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