asked Jan 03 '18 at 03:17 by bugeats (41)

The HW CV INSTRUMENT device offers a gate output, but it does not provide a trig for note start. This sort of thing is useful for resetting envelopes when playing legato.

One workaround technique is to setup a HW CV OUT device with an AHDSR modulator. By setting the modulator attack, sustain, and release to the lowest possible value, it it possible to generate a trig with a short hold stage. However, it appears there's some slop in the generated output. The trig doesn't have a hard edge, and it causes some hardware modules not to respond.

The lowest possible attack value on the AHDSR modulator is 1.00ms. Likewise, the lowest release value is 10.0ms. Ideally a trig signal would have an instant 0 sample attack and release.

Has anyone figured out how to get a true trig signal?

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