asked Dec 23 '17 at 13:56 by maranite (11)

In Bitwig v2.2, the controller script for Arturia Keylab doesn't work correctly, specifically: * Absolutely fuck-all works (except the keys)

Track selection, device selection, macros, envelopes, you name it, it's busted. All worked fine on v1.3 [Keylab 88 firmware is v 1.2.6 latest)]

After several frustrating hours of trying to debug the controller javascript files, I finally figured out that Bitwig no longer uses the javascipt controller files... removing every last controller script on my system wouldn't get rid of the "(by Bitwig)" drivers (for Arturia KeyLab & Akai), suggesting that these have been baked into the app, and designed to override/bypass ay existing scripts. What a horrible design choice!

Moreover, frustrated efforts to get my personal Keylab script working have revealed what appears to be a bug/regression in Bitiwg... The controller Javascript engine doesn't handle tuple deconstruction any more. In v1.3, Thomas Helzle's script made extensive use of this common javascript feature... you can test the bug with the code below (paste it into a controller.js file, and fire up Bitwig studio):

host.defineController("Tuple", "Test", "1.0", "afff5ae0-bbbb-11e4-ab27-080020000066");
host.defineMidiPorts(1, 1);

function ReturnsAnArray() {
    return ["Tuple", "Test"];

function UsesJavaScriptDeconstruction() {
    var qq;
    var ww;
    //[qq,ww] = Y();  // uncomment this line and Bitwig rejects/hides the controller!!!

Has this been fixed? Does Keylab 88 work as intended with Bitwig 2.0 now? I'm considering purchasing because of the integration!



answered Oct 24 '18 at 00:58 by zolakaya (11)

Man... I'm sure glad I never purchased Bitwig. I posted this bug ages ago and the devs have never responded... U would have been livid if I had bought this DAW and then they break the integration and never fix it!


answered Oct 24 '18 at 10:39 by maranite (11)

There has been a regression in version 2.2 regarding the Keylab scripts which has been fixed in version 2.3, as stated in its changelog here:

Please don't post bug reports or feature requests here, they will most likely not get answered as this is only the Q&A section for questions and answers regarding the usage of Bitwig Studio within the community. All bug reports and feature requests should go directly to the support team.


answered Oct 24 '18 at 16:25 by dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

edited Oct 24 '18 at 16:26

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