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Hey there.

I have a problem with some Native Intrument plugins, like Kontakt and Battery. ( the latest versions ) When i loop the track, from start to the end, and playing it again and again, i sometimes, - not allways - get a glitchy sound from either Battery or Kontakt. The sound that it´s playing, ( for example a cymbel ) gets played again and again a million times a second. - glitch. It stoppes when the sound is played again on the keyboard or in the sequencer via midi. In one of my first Bitwig project i had the same error, and it affects the exported wave-file too. I have formated and reinstalled windows + all my plugins and Bitwig in windows 8.1. So i dont think, that it is a problem with my computer.

What for a Computer do you have? What for a OS u run? Does this glitch happen in other plugins too? What say the DSP or CPU if u run NI Pluggs?

  — (Dec 28 '14 at 11:41) BlackHoleNFO

I have a Toshiba Satellite p50-337, and i run windows 8.1. The only plugin i have this error with, is from Native Instuments. I suspect that it have something to do with the routing- multi-out. The DSP performance graph show no overrun or peaks. I works and look like it should.

  — (Dec 30 '14 at 09:17) Smaasten

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