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I have a TR-8 that's connected to my system via MIDI (as in a hardware MIDI cable to a MIDI input). In a track in Bitwig, I have set up a Drum Machine container - which the TR-8 triggers. On the C1 slot, I have a set up an E-Kick device (C1 is the note that the Kick on the TR-8 sends). My intention was to control the output level on the E-Kick with CC24 (the level fader CC# from the TR-8).

When using a MIDI Modulator that's placed on the E-Kick device, the modulator does not receive any data whatsoever. I was using the correct CC Channel (10) and CC Message # (24). This frustrated me quite a bit, until I eventually tried to put the same modulator on the Drum Machine container, instead of on the E-Kick within the C1 slot. As soon as I did this, I was receiving data properly. So, Question 1: is this a bug, or are only modulators on the very outside of a chain supposed to receive MIDI data in their MIDI modulator?

My understanding was the whole point of modulators was to make it trivial to let anything affect anything else, so I figured it'd be straightforward to modulate data using MIDI data from anywhere. In messing around some more, it became clear that this modulator does not grab MIDI data from anywhere (a la the the Audio Sidechain modulator). (Note: Placing the Note Receiver device prior to the E-Kick doesn't change anything.) Question 2: Is there any way to achieve functionality of that sort?

Now with a better understanding of the current limitations of Bitwig, I have properly assigned my MIDI Modulator into a slot on the outside of my Drum Machine (instead of the E-Kick), and the fader changes are translating properly. I record a clip into Bitwig that contains both note data from my sequence in the TR-8, as well as live fader manipulation (as CC automation).

Once we've switched from live performance to clip playback, however, what seems to be a pretty significant bug emerges: despite the clip data being recorded from channel 10, the clip is sending data on channel 1.

For a device chain with solely 1 MIDI Modulator, this isn't a big deal (it's easy to flip the modulator channel)... but if I were to build out the device that I want (with 30+ MIDI Modulators), this becomes unacceptably tedious. Question 3: Is the fact that the CC data doesn't record the automation into the same MIDI Channel a bug? My current assumption is that it is.

Assuming for a second that this is how things are supposed to be... I want to be able to switch up the MIDI channel that my clip sends MIDI data on. However, I can't find anythign related to this!! I've searched for the phrase "MIDI Channel" in the Bitwig manual, and it only shows up twice - both related to separate unrelated MIDI devices. Question 4: is there any way to change the channel that a clip outputs it's data on?

Running into the same issue as Question 1


answered Mar 11 '18 at 20:08 by dmorgan (11)

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