asked Dec 25 '14 at 14:47 by TrashJunk (62)

Try to do a track "in the box". Creativ part is basically done, but now I'm stuck with the mixing.

Example/Situation: 3 different snaredrums with different EQs and settings. Each of them has its own track because of different rythm etc.. SD 1, SD 2 and SD 3. SD 1 is the main sd and is in the middle. SD2 panned to the left and SD 3 to the right. Now I want to put (glue) them together in a bus - which is possible. Just put the outputs of each track to the - lets call it SDBus - SDBus stereo channel. Now I'm able to use compressors to "glue" or use some general EQ/effect settinges which works for all three of them and make them sound like one.

Finally the problem: I'd like to give SD1 a long reverb, SD2 a short delay and SD3 the same short delay as SD2. I want to be able to send the dry audio signal of SD1 into the SDBus and at the same time into an audio/hybrid/effect channel (where the long reverb plugin is) so I am able to change the reverb signal like i want (cutoff the low frequencies etc...). And now comes the hard part - the way back into the SDBus? Its even harder if you like to have the same effect for more then one track - like SD2 and SD3 because you need to put them first into one channel (where the delay plugin is) and then be able to rout them back together into the SDBus.

At the end there should be 5 audio signals which are going into the SDBus. 1: SD1 dry - direct from the channel 2: SD2 dry - direct from the channel 3: SD3 dry - direct from the channel 4: SD1 long reverb effect - from the "long reverb" effect channel 5: SD2 and SD3 short delay effect - from the "short delay" effect channel

Is there a work around or something?

With audio receiver its possible to rout ONE single signal into another audio channel. But if you need more then one signal - like SD2 and SD3 it doesnt work anymore. Two or more audio receiver plugins dont work. The output is everytime just the last audio receiver plugin - Bug?. Otherwise it would have been a work around....


answered Dec 25 '14 at 14:50 by TrashJunk (62)

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