asked Dec 26 '14 at 13:27 by TrashJunk (62)

I try to use my UAD 2 Satellite quad with BWS 1.1.3. - There are a few issues I encounter. 1. CPU spikes - looks like some UAD devices get turned off/unloaded. If a signal comes into the unloaded CPU spikes appear. 2. Two UAD plugins on one channel sometimes cause an offbeat/latency problem of some other tracks. This tracks are not even in relation with that channel.

Are there any options to run the UAD 2 with bitwig without any issues? OS: 10.9.5. Mavericks UAD:

I have a UAD Apollo | twin and am getting clicks/pops/stuttering and offbeat/latency as well. If I max the buffer size of the BWS file to 1024 it cures the problem... until I simultaneously try to do something outside of BWS in parallel, something as simple as scrolling in a finder window, the cpu spikes, distorting the sound. Turning the audio engine on/off sometimes resets the problem, or rebooting BWS. I get into the habit now of not touching anything outside of my BWS session when I am working, not a great solution.

I'm using a mac powerbook pro retina using Yosemite OSX


answered Jan 05 '15 at 01:40 by Cody (41)

Okay - interrestiting. There is something else you could try. Found it out a day ago. Just open all the UAD plugins of your project and leave them open. On a second desktop for example. Somehow the plugins work better that way. Buffersize I tried as well - with no luck.

  — (Jan 05 '15 at 15:44) TrashJunk

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