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When recording without quantization turned on, it's very difficult to record midi notes that start on the first beat of a recording, since any notes played ahead of the start won't be played back when the loop starts because it was played slightly ahead of the first beat. One can go in and 'fix' the offending note with a mouse, this is disruptive and inconvenient, and obviously impossible in a live setting. It's also disruptive to flow, even when it's easy to fix.

This is particularly difficult to avoid when using sounds with long attacks, where one find's oneself subconsciously pulling the sound early in order to make it's timing more musical, and also when recording upbeat and faster music, where the groove may naturally put you slightly ahead of the drummer. If you are already playing, this results in a stilted 'oh-shit' moment, where you suddenly check your own groove, and then (if you didn't fuck up) get back to making it better than ever, since it's now going to the loop. If you are dropping straight in, it's a little less painful, but OMG-DONT-DARE-PLAY-AHEAD-OF-THE-BEAT for one second is still a rather agonizingly dangerous thing to be thinking about when you are supposed to be making music in front of people. And it doesn't work often enough.

If there was an option to quantize the last few fractions of the preroll before the recording starts - say 1/128th to 1/8, or a 1/4, and place these notes at the start of the recording, then these faster notes could be caught, and the process of recording and performing live with loops, without quantize otherwise enabled, becomes a much less risky proposition.

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