asked Jan 05 '18 at 16:38 by JoPi81 (11)

I m trying for first time ever Bitwig 2 and im loving it. I know a lot of ppl says DAW's dont make the sound and blah blah ...but I really found this daw is what I was looking for after I got into Mac and left fl studio behind. And is not about the sound ...its about the feel when recording something ...the way the midi controller interacts with the software ...thats the feel I was missing from fl studio not latency either ...I dont even know how to explain it but anyways. Now , ive been a little disappointed when trying to load Real guitar and Real LPC VST 3 versions . None of this 2 make any sound at all. You can see the plugin has loaded and seems to be normal but no sound. I had tried everything from the settings to download the plugin ,reinstall it ....I mean everything . But it seems theres a problem with some vst 3 plugins out there and Bitwig. Vst 2.4 versions of this 2 loads the same way very smooth and they do play sound , record ...everything but the Vst 3 versions dont. Any suggestions very welcome.

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