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I have a launcher clip, and I wanted to adjust the loop to one bar, so it plays back only that bar. But I don't want to change the rest of the loop.

There is a tom tom on the first beat of the 2nd bar, that plays whenever the loop hits the end. (Its a BFD3 tom). The loop is defined as ending on since its length is set as I thought maybe the tom tom note was within bar one, but its not, per the note inspector.

In past experience with DAWs, I recall that the bar would usually last from the 1st tick to the last, and not extend such as to overlap the next bar.

It it just, (as it apparently seems), that Bitwig likes to define a bar as overlapping onto bar 2?

Is there a workaround in terms of defining the actual bar (not a bar including an overlap onto the next bar)? I am aware that I can hold shift and move the tom tom one tick forward, but I lack the dexterity to do such a precise edit, and when I go into the note inspector, it seems to be rounding values, as seems to be the case with respect to defining the loop.

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