asked Jan 10 '18 at 07:23 by arinov (11)

I have a track which I want to export at -6db on master channel? What is the best way to be sure the whole track will be -6db at peaks?

Nothing really much different from other DAWs. Don't clip the master bus and unless you export in 32bit floating point (which some people may have problems opening, so probably best to stick to 24bit for passing tracks on), leave a few dB headroom.

Here some more details:

Otherwise, just don't compress too much on the stereo bus, unless it is exactly the sound you want, like obvious side-chain compression. Limiting on the stereo bus is best left for mastering, but even there are limits to what can be done transparently, because every mix has a certain loudness potential. If the genre or client insists on silly loudness, keep the peaks of tracks and / or groups under control with limiters instead. You can usually shave off a lot more there, because it only affects the track / group and not the entire mix every time the limiter engages.


answered Jan 10 '18 at 16:53 by Cyler (336)

This is standard at least in electronic music, all labels ask for a final aiff or wav file, stereo at 48KHz, 24Bit with maximum peak of ~6dbfs. I generally keep an eye on my master buss doing the sequencing/ mixing always trying to keep it below -0dbfs but as close as possible. Then I just add the TOOL native Plug and change the AMPLITUDE about by -6db and export.


answered Oct 04 '18 at 00:44 by dj_ze_migl (21)

The easiest way I can see to do that would be making sure you stay below 0dBFS peak, export and then normalize to -6 dBFS using e.g. Audacity. If that is not really what you are looking for, maybe tell us about the reason for having the peaks at exactly -6 dB?


answered Jan 10 '18 at 11:35 by Cyler (336)

It seems that way is OK. Guys are making EP and they want me to send them exactly -6dB tracks. I just don't know how upgrade my master rack to easily do this operation without any other tools. What I've done before is export with approximately from -22 till -7 and then ffmpeg. I ask because maybe there is a simple tool for that.


answered Jan 10 '18 at 13:08 by arinov (11)

Yeah, in that case I would just export the mix normal without brickwall limiting on the master bus or clipping it and then normalize to -6dB in Audacity and they should be happy as Larry. Applying gain is a linear process, so it won't change anything but the level, unless you go beyond 0dB and export to fixed point bit depth of course. The -6dB thing really is just a simplification of some mastering engineers, so people do not compress and limit too hard and do not clip the master bus. Seems the guys who are requesting exactly -6dB are not the ones who master the EP and possibly posses some OCD tendencies, too.


answered Jan 10 '18 at 15:13 by Cyler (336)

Understood. Where can get some information about technics and mastering-friendly track exportation from Bitwig? any concepts and hints which I can use in everyday production. I don't want to remake every track 2 times any more.


answered Jan 10 '18 at 15:27 by arinov (11)

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