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Hi, I just joined the bitwig

I'm used to centralizing my physical audio inputs to one or two tracks (a mic and a guitar input for instance) and then use these as inputs on several other tracks with different settings for recording with the same effects set on the orginal inputs tracks. How do I do that, or achieve the same, in Bitwig.

In ableton I would add the psysical input as input to one track, and then choose the output of that track as input on several other tracks. That doesent seem to work in Bitwig as I experience that tracks can only be input to one track at the time (even though you can select it as input one more than one track at the time).

regards Thomas

Did you try using the "audio receiver" device?


answered Jan 13 '18 at 04:52 by djx (319)

Yes is did. But it seems like when i use it its not able to be recorder (or metered) on the recieving track. Right?


answered Jan 13 '18 at 09:07 by mcskelle (21)

It works for me. But I do admit that I find the audio routing requirements a bit confusing. Lets ignore the audio receiver (you probably dont need it) and I'll try to give you a better example. I have an audio interface that provides several audio inputs to bitwig. One of those is a stereo pair that I have named "rytm". I can create an audio track and from the input drop-down menu I choose "rytm" as the input and make sure I toggle on the little speaker button to monitor this track. When I click "play" I can hear the drum machine and I can arm the audio track and record it. Multiple audio tracks can be setup with the same input and recorded this way.

Maybe you can give that a try?


answered Jan 13 '18 at 10:06 by djx (319)

yup, that works flawlessly but, but thats because its a physical input I think. I can map that to multiple tracks at the same time with no problem.

But what I need is is adding some kind of centralized effect (not using sends for it) on the physical input and THEN use it as inputs on multiple other tracks. That's not possible as i see it.

Hope you understand but otherwise explained with your setup:

Add the rythm-input as input to one track. Add an amplifier to track so the rythm is amp'ed. Now, create two new audio tracks and choose the amp'ed rythm-track as input to these tracks )it is there in the inputs-dropdown. Now two strange things happen (to me at last) on the two recieving tracks. 1. Theres is no speaker icon to click. 2. There's no sound input


answered Jan 13 '18 at 11:07 by mcskelle (21)

Yes I can see what you mean. I can get sound input by clicking the speaker icon on the amp track (and at the same time muting that track just to make sure). But I as soon as I try to record the result, it toggles off again. So I'm stumped. Hopefully someone smarter sees this and knows what to do!


answered Jan 13 '18 at 11:59 by djx (319)

I've been experimenting and I think you can do what you asked using a "hw instrument" device on the primary track and "audio receiver" device(s) on the secondary track(s).

So I have an instrument track with a hw instrument and I set the audio input on the hw inst to my incoming audio. I added fx to the hw instrument fx chain.

Then on a new audio track I add an audio receiver and set its input to be the "pre" of the track with the hw instrument. The monitor toggle speaker icon does not appear on this track, but if you right click you can see that monitor is enabled by default. Also, to be able to arm the track for recording I needed to give it an audio input on the track (even though this is already being set on the audio receiver) - so I just chose the same input as I used for the audio receiver. I added some effects to the fx chain of the audio receiver and recorded a test. The resulting audio has the effects from the instrument channel (ie from the hw inst fx chain), but not the effects from the audio receiver chain - which is probably what I would want. I guess I would need to bounce the audio to a new track to bake in the audio track fx.

Having got this working, I can see it is easy to set up (once you know how) but it still feels like more work than I expected and the monitor switch not showing as well as the need to specify incoming audio at the track level to be able to arm the track feels strange to me.

I'd be interested to hear from more experienced users if the setup I describe is the right way to do it.


answered Jan 13 '18 at 14:29 by djx (319)

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