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Hi, I tried to map two of the 8 Midi CC buttons of my Alesis VX (basically an Akai Advance) to the control page up/down buttons. When I do this, my controller script alwas crashes. Im using a general one thats not configured to do anything with the CC buttons, so why is it crashing? Is there a log for script crashes?

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I know this is old but what you want to do is look at the debugger. You can access this in 3.1 by accessing the studio I/O Panel. There is a button in the lower right hand side of the screen for it.

Then click the show script console button. There is a way to log stuff in there.

You can see the errors your script throws in there. This is also where println('Hello World!') stuff comes from and you can print red errors in .js by using host.errorln('ERROR Message');.

While scripts generally automatically refresh. you can also reload your script by typing into the console restart, or use CMD+R.

Here is a playlist that is comprehensive tutorial via Jürgen Moßgraber:


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