asked Jan 18 '18 at 00:48 by Epistemic (41)

The documentation on Note Filter only says: "A filter that allows only notes from a set range of pitches and velocities (inclusive) to pass."

But in place of the "set range of pitches" parameter there is a "min key / max key" parameter that goes from 0 to 127. How does that translate to pitches? Does it mean "key" as in musical key, and if so what is "0" (is it just all key roots going up from 0 by semitone)?

I'm sure you figured this out already but...

No, it does not mean musical key. It means keyboard key. Maybe it should be called "note number" instead? For example setting both min and max to 36 will filter so that only C is passed through. Which C? Hard to be specific since so many manufacturers use their own judgement when deciding how to use those 128 numbers. On my 61 note akai keyboard 36 in bitwig corresponds to the 2nd lowest C.


answered Jan 19 '18 at 14:16 by djx (315)

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