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stylemistake (1.1k)

Hey, I'm on Linux and bought bws. Now I see 1. registered version (host) in my bitwig-profile. I sometimes do complete reinstall of my computer (spare time or whatever). If I do a reinstall, will there be 1. version every time? Are these 3 licenses that I bought for 3. operating systems or are they for installing bws for 3 times? If I install Linux on Ubuntu Linux and Debian Linux and Arch Linux (or other distros) will there be 1. registered "linux" version in my account? Can I undo registering of my version if I run bws on three machines and want to run it on another computer?! After registering I'm not able to see the eulas. Where are they? :-)

Sry. for bad english.



Sorry guys, but this whole thread doesn't follow Q&A guidelines, so I downvoted a few answers until you convert your comment-ish answers to normal comments. I also edited topic. Please read Q&A FAQ.

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You can go into your account and delete some of the permanent activations.

  — (Oct 20 '17 at 18:25) nick

As a license holder you get a number of activations, meaning you can install Bitwig Studio on up to three computers you own. Type of OS doesn't matter. Activated hosts cannot be deactivated or changed by a user.

You should get in touch with Bitwig support to remove host activations:


answered Dec 29 '14 at 17:15 by fredrik (186)

That means if I've installed Bitwig more then 3 times and

  • want to buy a new harddisk
  • setup a fresh install of my operating system
  • have trouble with my bitwig-installation
  • have trouble with packages from my distributer
  • want to do a full upgrade of my distribution and something went wrong (so that I've to setup from scratch)
  • use another operating system
  • etc.

I've to call Bitwig?!

Sorry guys, that's really annoying. I've bought a Bitwig-License. To me as a customer that means that I can use it when I need it. Not when Bitwig replies to my mails. Does this stand somewhere on the package? I do not think so. There is a hint that I need internet connection, ok. But not that I've to ring up Bitwig every time I want to do a reinstall of this software. I really think you should get a smarter solution for this problem (usb-stick-fingerprint, uninstaller/unlinker script or whatever). Don't get me wrong, I like Bitwig, that's why I bought a license. But there is also a difference between bought and rent. Let's say if I buy a bike, I can use it every time I want to use it. Nah?!

Peace. Sry for bad english.


answered Dec 29 '14 at 23:55 by Yanneck (99)

Hi, I've the same issue, linux+windows registration, full on 3 OS but one machine, delete one OS but keep registration, How can we delete registration ?? I'm just beginner on MAO and test several configuration.... Can't register on my new Windows 8 installation !!


answered Dec 28 '14 at 09:22 by alboon (24)

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So if I do a aptitude purge bitwig-studio, 1. registered version (in this case for linux) will disappear from my! That means that I have to remove bitwig-package before I do reinstall of operating system? I always run 2 Distributions or more on the same laptop because there are things that different distributions do better. E. g. pd was buggy on Ubuntu sometimes, so I run pd under Debian without any problems. Then there are packages that not every distribution have and some packages have different dependencies on different distributions. . . I really think that there are many use cases why you want to run more then one distribution.



answered Dec 28 '14 at 13:56 by Yanneck (99)

Hey, there is a remove button in my profile now. (-:


answered Jul 25 '15 at 00:16 by Yanneck (99)


You can install it on linux, osx and win but not 2 times or more on Win or 3 times on Linux, one for every OS...why u must install 3 times on linux, take one, deinstall it and install it on linux number 2...and so on. I think thats the one and only way...

@alboon, why u canĀ“t intall it on win 8? Any messages?


answered Dec 28 '14 at 11:37 by BlackHoleNFO (298)


I don't think that aptitude purge work to unlink pc/bitwig.

So I'm in trouble because I'm new on MAO, my first install of BWS was on Ubuntu 14.10, but next I try Ubuntu studio (best ?) I try next on Windows 7 but some issue in the system so I put Windows 8 on my laptop.

My first install on Ubuntu 14.10 don't be anymore, and I don't now how to unlink pc/bitwig !!


answered Dec 28 '14 at 18:07 by alboon (24)

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