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Hi everyone,

I love working with devices like Amp and Distortion. When I'm playing single notes, everything sounds alright. But when I try to play intervals or chords, I get an annoying, "buzzing" sound, especially in the lower octaves. Putting all the instruments into an Instrument Layer and making them play only one note using Note Filter seems to be the best solution in this case. Yet I'm wondering: is there an easier way to have a separate process for each note? I searched for a solution in both Bitwig Studio devices and Internet, and so far couldn't find anything useful.

Thank you!

Hi TotoLack,

It sounds like you've approached the problem properly. This method allows for flexibility. For example, if you want to modulate and switch up the effects chain settings per note you can do. There is no way to achieve what you describe later in your post because the amp and distortion devices are at the most, stereo in > stereo out. It would require some kind of behind the scenes multichannel/polyphony, in the signal path, but you've built that already! If you were only trying to achieve an unchanging/static effect per note, I would suggest re-sampling the desired note range, note by note, through the effect chain, then slice to multisampler. Then you just have a single sampler device to contend with less CPU load. Re-sampling can also help to progress your project as it forces you to commit to a sound and move on.


answered Feb 08 '19 at 00:39 by sticklebrick (480)

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