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Even when I adjust the gain to make up for the track starting at -10 decibels, and even when I increase all gain and mixer volume knobs to maximum with multiple instances of the Amp audio effect, the sound from plugins is still very muted. Part of the issue is that each gain knob only allows me to add 18 decibels. Do I really need many instances of Amp just to use this simple, basic feature?

The FL Studio plugin seems to be extremely muted. Volume is fine in FL Studio itself. [Edit: (I was able to get the FL Studio plugin volume to decent levels by adjusting several volume knobs within the plugin, but I'm still wondering if there's a simple way to increase volume or gain by large amounts without multiple instances of Amp. Annoyingly it seems I still have to readjust individual volume knobs in the FL Studio plugin every time I change instruments inside it.]

There seems to be a problem with either your computer, your audio interface or your monitors / headphones if you observed the same behaviour in both Bitwig and FL. Can you please describe your setup?


answered Feb 05 '18 at 16:21 by antic604 (673)

What I meant was that it was working fine in FL Studio itself.

The problem seemed to be with the default audio setting for the FL Studio plugin, as distinct from the FL Studio DAW. Adjusting multiple volume knobs in the plugin fixed the main issue.

But I'm still interested in knowing if there's a way to increase gain by large amounts. Seems like it would be really easy to program.

  — (Feb 05 '18 at 21:12) Epistemic

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