asked Feb 01 '18 at 08:50 by LarryDallas (11)

Really excited about Bitwigs workflow, team, and general functionality. That being said I am unfortunately having a major issue.

When I have Bitwig open and I attempt to play any audio outside of the program it seems to permanently affect my Focusrite ASIO audio driver. The audio crackles, pops and is otherwise unlistenable. When I close Bitwig and all audio sources the issue still remains when trying youtube, or spotify. When I reinstall my drivers the issue disappears. This problem does NOT happen in Ableton live in fact I have never had any audio issues with that program. The issue only arises when using Bitwig. I have updated all drivers, changed my system settings, set my audio sample rates to match... nothing works!

This is make or break honestly. I love the flow of this program but won't be able to fully switch over unless I can find a resolution.

Any help is appreciated thank you.

Are you using a laptop ? I had a similar issue and it turned out to be some of the power saving features in Windows that was causing the problem, even though I had no issues in other applications.

I would also recommend going through the system optimization guides that Avid offers for Protools. Most of the tweaks aren't DAW specific and work great for getting the best performance out of bitwig


answered Feb 06 '18 at 02:46 by retronomicon (101)

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