asked Feb 01 '18 at 13:47 by MrMybal (121)


hello, i would like to change the colors of bitwig with the file "default.themes" , but this one is not load by bitwig (i delete all the lines nothing changes, and i change colors and neither nothing changes ). - I would like to know if file is loaded by bitwig? - should we use a file in the "appdata" folder to pass over the one in the "programefile" ? - Will you put a theme loader system?

I have a friend who works under ableton but would like to go under bitwig, but the dark interfaces do break him head so I would like to change the interface for more brighter without changing the windows color.

I agree with you


answered Feb 01 '18 at 14:47 by Yusupov (21)

Bitwig Heroes. Please. Please. I know this it may not seem that important if its not important to yourself to have custom themes. But custom colorpalette/theme settings would really drive sales up if bitwig theme could be customized. I really am sensitive to such stuff and would gladly have jumped into bitwig earlier if there was a theme-customization thing. A colorpalette can be inspiring and pleasing. Bitwig theme is functional and overall good, but its not very inspiring. Many people I know dont even like orange. It would probably one of the easiest to implement saleboosters you could reach for. I would be so happy. If I could choose my colors I would guve ut a more techno-laboratory-like look. If you could at least make some api or folder where people can customize some files, that would already suffice. Thank you for all your hard work.


answered Aug 02 at 02:08 by traubensaft (11)

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