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Halo everybody. Will Be very thankfull if somebody know how to solve that problem. Sometimes atomation lines stop to manupulate vsts parameters. It works fine atfirst, when i do automation and than a little later just start to ignore (atomation lines still the same, but nothing happens) and i need to restart bitwig to it work again. It's really annoy me, aspecially when i export my audio. Win10. core I7, Bitwig 2.2.3. Thank you.

If you touch or move any of the automated parameters with your mouse or MIDI controller, then automation is being disabled. You'll have to click the green icon (Restore Automation) like you see at the top of this screenshot:

alt text


answered Feb 02 '18 at 14:25 by antic604 (673)

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Thank you i'll try )


answered Feb 01 '18 at 19:09 by CharodeyJeddy (10)

Thank you. It's really helps me. )


answered Feb 02 '18 at 14:27 by CharodeyJeddy (10)

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