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In Live while in the arranger, you could drag a clip down/up into another track keeping its time exactly by holding a hot key.

Is there an equivalent to this using Bitwig while in the arranger?

at the moment, the only way i can do this is if i zoom in so that everything snaps into place or is you're incredibly careful using the shift key to play it where you want.

I'm not aware it's there, but - as a workaround - you could engage "Snapping to Events" in lower right corner of the Arranger window, then drag the clip while holding Ctrl/CMD - this will create a duplicate of the clip, perfectly aligned with nearby events, i.e. the source clip. Then just delete the source clip.

Hope that's helpful


answered Feb 02 '18 at 14:21 by antic604 (673)

ah, so CMD + dragging doesn't do anything. but, like many daws, alt+dragging is the default for copy/duplicate.

to resolve my issue, you were correct that i had to have either snap to grade offset or snap to events on. once i turn either one of those options on, i could then pull a clip up or down and have it snap to the same respective time.



answered Feb 03 '18 at 02:46 by zfigz (43)

edited Feb 03 '18 at 02:47

Happy you figured it out. I might have confused the modifier key as I'm not on Mac :)

  — (Feb 03 '18 at 17:46) antic604

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