asked Feb 05 '18 at 15:19 by molotoz (3)

Hello hello,

just got my bitwig license and I'm loving it. Since you can open more than one project at once, is it possible to export/bounce tracks/groups to a new or already opened project?


I think you're doing something wrong. Let me explain: there are (at least) 2 ways to bounce things in Bitwig:

  1. When you right-click and choose "bounce in place" you'll bounce the selected clip or time-selection to the same track, but the audio will only contain the device producing a sound, so all effects placed after it will not be bounced. If you want to have the effects included, you need to put them inside the FX slot in the instrument. Other important consideration is what is being selected before you click "bounce in place": if you select a clip(s), the outcome will only contain the sound being generated withing that clip(s), so there will be no sound bleeding in from preceding clips and no sound bleeding out of the clip that's being bounced. To get the full sound, you need to select time (hit '2' and select), right-click and choose "bounce in place" and this will include all sound bleeding in & out
  2. When you right-click and choose "bounce" a window with options will appear and there you can choose a point in devices chain where the sound is taken from, eg. right after the instrument (Pre-FX), before the track's fader (Pre Fader), after the track's fader (Post Fader) or wherever you want in the middle of effects chain (Custom). This option will bounce the selection - the above reservation of clip vs. time-selection apply - to the newly created audio track.

Hope this will be helpful.


answered Feb 06 '18 at 09:14 by antic604 (673)

I guess I will get my head around that kind of workflow but what I mean is more of an export type of way. something like just right clicking a track or more and click on export to project. but I can live with this :)

  — (Feb 06 '18 at 22:33) molotoz

Do you mean "export to audio" option that's in Play menu?

  — (Feb 07 '18 at 09:37) antic604

you can drag and drop your files to another song thats on your tab..thats basically bouncing or copy.


answered Feb 09 '18 at 03:48 by YYBY (66)

Sure, just bounce the track (select a clip, right-click "bounce") and then drag - or copy & paste - the newly created audio track to the other project.


answered Feb 05 '18 at 16:17 by antic604 (673)

Unforutnately that didn't do the trick. When I bounce a clip, I get the audio just until the length of the clip, but effects are not taken into consideration.

  — (Feb 05 '18 at 22:17) molotoz

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