asked Feb 05 '18 at 21:26 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

Hi, i creating some Instrument Tracks connected with my Korg-EMX. Each Ch for every Synth-Part.

Confusing that i hear all Track sounds, also if one Track solo and also in the Instrument Tracks.

In HW Instrument, i set up Audio to Audio channel named EMX. And set also the Output for the Instrument Channel to EMX-Audio Channel.

But if i solo EMX-Audio, i hear also the sound from the Intr.-Tracks. Maybe its a monitoring function in the Soundcard Setting, dunno.

So if i hit Bounce in Place, the Midinotes running, blinking light on the EMX, but then are the Tracks emty. Just Stripes and i have a Hang-Note in the EMX.

How should i record my external Device?

I think you still have your Korg-EMX connected to your speakers somehow, and not going through Bitwig. The audio output of the Korg should go to your audio interface.

The correct way to use HW Instrument device is to pick your Korg in the upper part, which decides where is the MIDI data sent to and on which channel (and if it induces the clock), whereas in the bottom part you set up from where you take the sound - this must be indicating your audio interface, where Korg is hooked up to.

This way, when you solo a track you should only hear the sound(s) from this track and also bounce should be working.


answered Feb 06 '18 at 09:26 by antic604 (673)

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