asked Feb 06 '18 at 21:12 by molotoz (3)

Hello there,

I was wondering if I could accomplish following setup:

Currently I use my Surface Pro 3 mainly to work on my music production but I am hitting now a point where my little baby is not bringin enough power to the table. Fortunately I have my big desktop 6 year old beast running here and it could handle the load easily.

The thing is that I mainly use that desktop machine as a media center, quite uncomfortable to sit there and do the work. Would it be possible to have two bitwig instances synched with each other, so that I do the interactions on the surface pro but the audio processing is done on the desktop machine? This would be amazing, because then I can also utilize the huge screen attached to the desktop.

Thanks for the help :)

You can sync Bitwig Studio to another instance of Bitwig Studio but not remote control it that way. Running two instances of Bitwig Studio at the same time, however, requires a second license.


answered Feb 07 '18 at 12:03 by dom ♦♦ (2.0k)

I was able to link two instances via AbletonLive Link. Btw. the Bitwig License allows up to 3 registered instances each on a machine.

I was thinking of writing a controller script to do the remote control, however it would still mean that the audio engines work on both machines. It should be doable since there are controllers for for exmample TouchOSC. Unless there is already a controller script out there... hmm...

  — (Feb 08 '18 at 17:04) molotoz

oh I forgot to mention that the AbletonLive Link sync doesn't work as a sync per-se. It only syncs the time between instances

  — (Feb 08 '18 at 17:06) molotoz

I found a workaround to my problem. Instead of using Bitwig to do sharing, I will use Windows 10 built-int "Project to this PC" option. With that I can extend my screen from my Desktop PC to my Surface Pro and use Both :) All needed is a Wifi Dongle supporting Miracast (pretty much any newer model will do)


answered Apr 23 '18 at 17:06 by molotoz (3)

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