asked Feb 08 at 07:13 by Hiker98 (11)

I'm having a problem with my audio tracks. When I opened up my file that I have been working on, the tracks are missing but the clip size is still there. It's like I selected a time frame to record but it didn't go through, however it was there yesterday. I saved my file so that shouldn't be the problem, so what is?

I found out that I can put the samples from the project folder into the Bitwig DAW. I did not know you could do that. I guess I'll have to start over, but at least I didn't lose the audio tracks that I recorded. So I guess I solved my problem.

Thank you antic604 for your help. I appreciate it.


answered Feb 08 at 21:38 by Hiker98 (11)

I assume when you play it there's no sounds?

Have you deleted any folders or moved the Bitwig's project file? The samples should be in a sub-directory for your project.


answered Feb 08 at 10:46 by antic604 (409)

normally that happens if you delete or move files..thats why i just save them inside folder even if i got them in another folder.


answered Feb 09 at 03:46 by YoCrizzzal (41)

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