asked Feb 08 '18 at 20:43 by GTVienna (209)

If I drag sf2 soundfonts I found on the web into a bitwig track some of them dont work, and it shows no error or whats wrong. There is just no sampler instance created. Is there any way to find out whats the problem here? Is there anyway to convert these sf2 fonts into a Bitwig friendlier format?

  • Assuming Linux * Install Carla. Carla loads up native linux plugins which allows you to do soundfonts and tons of other goodness (LV2, LADSPA, DSSI plugins, etc...) Get it from the KXStudio repos

I have a ton of midi drumloops and now I can load a standard GM drumset and Midi files work just as they should :)


answered Mar 13 at 08:09 by ccregor (11)

Send the problematic ones to, there's probably some opcodes that the importing code does not understand, or something. Also, if they are large like over a gigabyte or so, loading the up will take some time and there's no indicator for when everything is finished. Maybe try to create a Sampler first and then drag inside it, if it makes some difference?


answered Mar 30 at 19:56 by Taika-Kim (76)

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