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Hi there, a few days ago I stumbled across an article that I think was written by Bitwig officially stating that there was to be in the future an update that addressed a problem with bitwig where cpu performance was being limited by the graphics load. Am I right? If so could you please direct me to this article because I cant find it again. I am having issues with Bitwig when I run just a handful of native instruments vsts like reaktor and kontakt. Even though these issues were not there using Logic Pro.

Thanks for your time. Shayne

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It's not an article nor is it official - just a post from Bitwig developer:

The GUI is currently rendered entirely on the CPU using Cairo graphics library. The performance problems are not to do with our use of Java at all but just the shear number of pixels that have to be painted by the CPU and some areas where we haven't optimized the painting as much as we could (by reducing the painting to just the areas that needs updating and not painting layers that don't need to be for example). However, we are also working on offloading much of the painting to the GPU via OpenGL (at least for all the fast moving stuff like meters, oscilloscope and arranger/note editor). This will make a HUGE difference but I can't say when it will be ready - but rest assured we are aware of the issue and actively working to fix it by making use of the GPU in the long run. So the good news is we should be able to fix this and make it very snappy assuming you have a decent graphics card.


answered Feb 09 '18 at 08:54 by antic604 (632)

Nice. This should solve my issue too

  — (Feb 13 '18 at 22:36) Rokka

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