asked Feb 09 '18 at 21:08 by zerocrossing (51)


I've got an Audiothingies MicroMonsta and they added MPE compatibility to it, but I'm confused as to how I'd integrate this with Bitwig. Any ideas? My controller is a Rise 49 that's been great to use with compatible software instruments. Thanks.

I would like to have an answer to this too! If you manage to get that working its a kind of proof of Bitwig's MPE support. I have had limited support with Roli Rise 25 and Equator VST. Everything is not working but at least something. Hardest stuff are slides and multiple simultaneous strike to the same key.

  — (Feb 13 '18 at 22:31) Rokka

Yeah, I don't see a way to do it and since Bitwig is silent, I guess I'll assume they don't support it. I wish they'd add the "Force MPE" option to the external instrument plugin like they have on the regular plugins.

For quick double notes I've actually gotten used to just using a standard MIDI controller next to the Roli. Some instruments just play better with a keyboard.

  — (Feb 17 '18 at 01:35) zerocrossing

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