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Details: Using samples from BitWig packages (mostly dragged and dropped waves) to create a loop with about 6 tracks. Performed some automation editing and added a few effects, than saved the project. Attempt to reopen the project and error message is displayed and project will not load at all.

System info: Windows 8.1 Intel Core i-3 2.4Ghz 6GB Ram 64 bit OS

*Sorry could not figure out how to get the image to show in the forum.

Just wanted to add that it has struck again and now I am unable to open two different projects. Sent a note to support concerning this issue. This time it happened while cutting a loops tail off that I had stretched and the last portion of the clip didn't have any sound so I was just cleaning it up and CRASH (audio engine did anyhow, let me save, but thats no good if you cannot reopen afterward).

  — (Jan 12 '15 at 03:22) DynoMyte

If you get crashes, please always contact support via mail:

In this particular case, i couldn't find any tickets. Has this maybe been cleared? If not, what mail address did you use to send us a note?


answered Mar 27 '15 at 17:33 by riot ♦♦ (1.8k)

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