asked Feb 14 at 22:58 by shaolinfrequenz (11)

Hi there,

How to cut an audio file/stream in 1/32 notes ?

When you right-click on the audio clip, you'll have "Slice to Multisample" and "Slice to Drum Machine" options down there and you can choose to slice at 1/32. Depending on why you need this, one of them might work - both create new instrument track with a different note every 1/32 that are playing a multi-sample in Sampler or in Drum Machine.


answered Feb 15 at 09:34 by antic604 (329)

When you cut audio track, cutting point depends on the grid resolution you've selected (bottom right corner). You can set it up manually or leave it for automatic selection OR cut it free -> snapping off grid.


1) Select audio clip you want to cut/split

2) Select cutting tool (press: 5)

3) Now zoom in or out and look for cutting point. When you want to split audio in 1/32 -> press the value on bottom right corner and select 1/32 by dragging mouse up or down on the value. You can turn off snapping as well. It's up to you.

4) Cut it! (split: CLTR + E) :)

It looks like we can cut audio from: 128/1 up to: 1/65536 music units/grid values. It's pretty wide selection.


answered Feb 15 at 17:43 by niedobryjasiu (113)

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nice one thx


answered 12 hours ago by shaolinfrequenz (11)

Which one? What exactly were you trying to achieve, because your question was kind of vague...

  — (10 hours ago) antic604

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