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Good morning,

Pardon my ignorance, but I'm new to Bitwig Studio, and haven't been able to figure this out.

I'm using an Arturia Keylab 49,and I'm having an issue of not being able to figure out how to get multiple clips with different sounds to play. For example, if I record a clip with one Keylab plugin preset, and then create another keylab instrument with another preset, both clips will play the last preset selected, not two individuals sounds like I want. I'd like to have two separate sounds, yet can't figure out how to "lock" a sound, so to speak.

I apologize in advance. I've been reading the Bitwig Studio manual, and have searched these forums, but perhaps I'm missing what might be painfully obvious.

I'd be grateful for any help!



I answered my own question: I added additional audio outputs for more channels (pardon me in my terminology isn't up to speed yet.

Thanks for looking.



answered Jan 03 '15 at 18:29 by jamesmcseattle (87)

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