asked Feb 18 at 18:39 by zfigz (33)

i often refer to Live since that's the DAW i'm coming from, but is there a way to duplicate just the selection of clip(s) without also duplicating the time?

in Live, when you duplicate, it just duplicates the selection of clips and not also the time.

By your reply to @niedobryjasiu I'm guessing that by "time" you mean "empty space between selected clips", right? If so, the behaviour should depend on how you make your selection - if you select time, either by switching to Time Selection Tool ('2' key) or drawing a rectangle around the clips, then obviously the SELECTION will be duplicated, with empty spaces if they were there. If instead you select individual clips, then only clips will be duplicated.

I think Bitwig behaves correctly here.

  — (Feb 19 at 17:35) antic604

yup, you are correct. it's a bit different way of thinking/working, but i like it.

  — (Feb 19 at 22:45) zfigz

I think its pretty straightforward -> When you select a Audio/MIDI Track and press CLTR+D (PC) you duplicate whole track with its content (FX, Instruments, chains, Audio/MIDI parts and so on) as the new track. When you select a Clip or selection of Clips and press the same combination of keys you duplicate them in time (after selection). It works both in Arranger/Scene mode.

Mac Users use CMD or ALT keys instead. No big difference.


answered Feb 18 at 19:52 by niedobryjasiu (113)

no, i'm talking about duplicating a selection of clip(s) in the arranger. it always duplicates the time as well...the only workaround i've found is choosing just the clips with SHIFT + CLICK or CMD + CLICK.

was just curious if there was a way to duplicate (CMD + D) without also duplicating TIME.

  — (Feb 18 at 19:55) zfigz

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