asked Feb 22 '18 at 11:08 by pixelmatrix (11)


how to use sampler? I already checked the sampler tutorials, but i can not play my audio file (sample) what is loaded??

How does it work?



Have you tried using some factory presets first, to exclude you're doing something wrong with the Sampler parameters? Is the track where you have the Sampler armed? Is it not muted or volume fader isn't down? When you supposedly play it, do you see yellow square flashing in the left bottom corner in front of Sampler and some green bars on the right bottom corner after the Sampler device? Also, how do you "play" it? With a QWERTY keyboard? A MIDI controller? By sending it notes via a clip? I'm assuming you get sound from other instruments and it's just Sampler that for some reason doesn't work?

Sorry, but you gave us NOTHING to work from :D


answered Feb 22 '18 at 13:30 by antic604 (602)

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