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Hi, is it possible to filter certain notes on all octaves , for example filter out /mute c on all octaves . In transposition map you can change a certain note for example if input is 2 then output 3 instead , why not add the option to not play it at all ?? just to clarify, one of the best usages for such a thing is all the eastern music . for example a scale in middle eastern music is called maqam, which sometimes is one-2-one western scale and most of the time it isn't , in a lot of maqam(s), the quarter note is used instead of half or full note for example : Maqam Bayat on La (A) consists of the following notes : La / Si (Half-flat) / Do / Re / Mi / Fa / Sol / La.

so if i had the option to filter out notes on all octaves , i would create a Maqam Bayat as follow : create a FX layer with two transposition maps : one will contain only notes La / Do / Re / Mi / Fa / Sol / La. second will contain only note Si and i would add after ward a pitch shifter which will pitch it half and quarter (simitone and a half simitone) .

I am not an expert in bitwig programming side , but if would guess adding the option to mute notes in the transposition map is very simple , since there is already the option to change the input note , so muting it i think would be with one line of code xD (just output zero ;P) .

I hope this will get implemented soon , because an entire music theory can benefit from this .


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