asked Feb 28 '18 at 23:18 by bwet (11)

Does anyone know how the reinstall/update procedure works in Bitwig 2.x? I'm about to reinstall 2.3 today but not sure what the process is (unless all automated by the bitwig installer) for upgrading to the next version of Bitwig while retaining all of my presets, library content, etc. Looking for an installation guide which covers reinstall...does it exist? I couldn't find anything. Thanks!

alright guess I'll answer my own question :)

the reinstall procedure is this: run the installer. :D (i'm speaking for Windows 10 here, Mac & Linux users please chime in :) :)

the Bitwig installer will find your current BWS installation, and reinstall the new version 'over' the existing one (by removing old files, updating things accordingly to bring your BWS install up to the new version. Simple! It does not wipe out prefs or library content that I could tell. upon starting the new version for the first time I was prompted to login to register it. (expected) the process is super fast. once you open the new version, the only thing it asked me was if i'd like to update some of my installed library content, or all of it, I selected all, and that was very fast (I had all 2.2.3 packages installed except some of the teaser packages.). so, kudos to Bitwig on the update installer! I only noticed one tiny thing on my Windows 10 OS, which was that after BW was installed, it wiped out my old taskbar icon/shortcut, and just showed a blank file icon (instead of the actual bright yellow BW icon..) when I attempted to add it back, it still didn't show the actual icon. (I assume this is a Windows thing, not bitwig, I have seen this before with w10 and to fix that only requires a reboot.) Good luck! looking forward to this new rev.


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