asked Mar 03 '18 at 07:06 by MR7KING (76)

One of my aim with Bitwig is to use it without need of third party plugins I am close but they need a few improvements and additions to make this possible For one a plugin like Xpand 2 would be awesome (with keyswitch and glide function) Physical Modeling Synths like Truepianos, Strum and Modo Bass would be killer additions Bitwig also needs its own Melodyne and Autotune type plugins And one for crazy vocal effects like Vocal Synth Even if none of these are added I would never stop using bitwig the daw is that good, Version 1 is still better than any other competing daw out and 2.3.1 is a heavy weight I have forgotten FL Studio and I do get Logic envy at times because they don't need third party anything, having logic is like having Kontack, Waves plugins and a factory of synths but Because of Bitwig I don't even open logic anymore I just need Bitwig to get a few of the above mentioned weapons so I don't need to install anything else for music production other than Bitwig and its plugins (And you thought me requesting sine and triangle waves for polysynth was extreme) I doubt most of these will ever be added but hey a man can dream.

Feel free to expand my list in the replies

you know bitwig 3 has keyswitch now

  — (Mar 12 at 05:04) YYBY

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i dont think so there is a good option to focus on new build in synth's. most of people use a third part plugins and no one satisfy all users preferences (one like a xpand 2 another arturia minimoog etc). in my opinion its time to develop typical major DAWs funcionality - better mixer, 64bit audio engine, maybe new build in fx (classic compressor, channel strip), solid sampler with time stretch.. lots of artists use a ableton , fl studio or bitwig to make a music but for mixing and mastering they switch to protools, cubase etc.


answered Mar 07 '18 at 15:28 by majkel (15)

I've used Sonar, FL, Nuendo/Cubase, Logic, Studio One, Pro Tools and played around with a few others They all try to be as all rounded as possible so I'm not entering a new concept Bitwig is like the hottest sports car on sale But it needs seats, mirrors windscreen and lights, yes it can take you from point A to point B and give you the best of thrills as it is a sports car but you have to add too much on your own to feel like you have complete car

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 00:25) MR7KING

As for xpand vs moog and others, xpand is a poor man's rompler it has just about everything at a good enough quality but doesn't try to own your harddrive That's why I suggested it It won't totally please anybody but it won't disappoint either if You can find moog or any other type synths sounds in it and a host of samples of instruments ( So I in no way suggested it as the perfect fix for any or everybody but for those that can't afford high end plugins or hardware synths something like this in bitwig would be a great alternative)

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 00:31) MR7KING

And as I have stated before I love the Daw and anticipate what will be added next but I don't think it's a crime to make personal suggestions

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 00:44) MR7KING

I find it really frustrating that you can't audition a midi clip to a specified track. If I audition a drum loop, it plays sine tones. Playing back drum sounds might actually be a sensible thing.


answered Mar 12 at 04:20 by Magic_Russ (101)

Sorry, for the double posting.

  — (Mar 12 at 04:22) Magic_Russ

I was actually wondering if there isn't a public wishlist that users could vote for and bitwig developers could incorporate those wishes in their roadmap. is there actually a roadmap?


answered Mar 06 '18 at 12:28 by molotoz (3)

Just a customer here but when I wrote the wishlist It was practically me asking bitwig to spoil me and people that would want a few more toys within the daw than to have to pay for third party of these things to have them, That's why I mentioned Logic ( only good example of my point ) but to be fair bitwig is a young company and will take time to get to some of these stages I just put it out there so they know there are some amongst us who want to live in the daw and not go elsewhere for anything else Regardless Bitwig is still tops to me, can't wait to see what else they come up with

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 00:14) MR7KING

Oh yh as for you wondering about a public wishlist, they call it Bitwig Answers I just pimped out my approach to it LOL

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 01:05) MR7KING

i agree but what i realize using all DAWS ita always something they dont have or cant do but eventually might get i ask myself whats important is the WORK FLOW!!!! so nothing stops me getting ideas out plus modulation....its coming my g but for now use melodyn. I use it in bitwig work pretty good


answered Mar 09 '18 at 11:47 by YYBY (66)

Let me be totally honest NO DAW IS MORE FUN THAN BITWIG And I would have used logic if it wasn't so boring (it's cheaper after all) But I had to partner up to buy bitwig and I would do it again if I have to. Buying third party plugins is expensive and they sometimes don't play well with the host daw, bitwig has found a way to not tax your system too much with the plugins they already have I'm just asking for a few that are not harddrive hungry or force you to crack if you can't afford having them. Some of these in bitwig would just shame older daws even and yes Bitwig is best at work flow

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 00:55) MR7KING

yes but finally we going to a work with our ideas ready to final mix and mastering. in this point a classic methods (functional mixer, routing ability, etc.) are the best, bitwig are to near to be 'all in one' daw.. but classic options have to be improved to a industry standards.


answered Mar 09 '18 at 23:42 by majkel (15)

Hey its a wishlist Those are also nice suggestions Add more if you please it will benefit everyone

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 00:58) MR7KING

how you feel about the stability? seem i get alot of crackles and pops..on basic stuff im doing how about you?


answered Mar 09 '18 at 23:44 by YYBY (66)

I don't know the strength of the computer or if you are running multiple programs while on bitwig, plus some operating systems tend to be doing their own little things in the background which can give a daw that's hanging on for dear life on the available resources leftover a bad reputation. Check when you get the crackles to see what's most active in your projects Try bouncing to audio to free resources or remove a few plugins and compare performances Check your track count, see how many tracks you can run before your system throws red flags at you Not an expert but hope that helps

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 00:00) MR7KING

back to your first post i respond to..thats why i normally use studio gives you,mixing and mastering,stabilty,audio editing


answered Mar 09 '18 at 23:46 by YYBY (66)

I used to use studio One as well and they do try to give it all to you But I have been far more productive in bitwig I have completed ever project I started in bitwig, I can't say that for any other daw and I have used a bunch of them

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 01:02) MR7KING

whats stopping your flow from finishing a project in studio one?


answered Mar 10 '18 at 01:09 by YYBY (66)

Not only studio one other daws as well I just lose interest on some of the projects this doesnt happen with Bitwig I wish I could give a 500 word answer on it but it's just that I don't lose interest in anything I do in bitwig I guess the daw is so fun you don't stop till the project is complete

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 01:17) MR7KING

it is fun!!!!i did a few sessions with it..i produce,mix and master plus record at this moment im going threw the phase of testing what do i need in all 3 situations plus what do that the other dont do....but when it come to work flow bitwig got everybody..some people only just make beats or only mix and master

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 01:21) YYBY

I think I am seeing your angle a bit better now I'm sorry you will be hooked completely soon You will remember your other daws and their stock plugins but can't get your hands to click on thier icon to open them THE WIG HAS YOU

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 01:27) MR7KING

i been using bitwig before alot of people used it..i have many videos for it on youtube people was wondering what the hell i was using lol

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 01:39) YYBY

Plan to make some vids of my own. Till next time Stay productive

  — (Mar 10 '18 at 03:47) MR7KING

Thanks to all that have replied I didn't notice till tonight that This topic got noticed by more than one person I have so far did my best to reply to everyone


answered Mar 10 '18 at 01:20 by MR7KING (76)

I would vote for: 1. A better reverb preset with the existing reverb..I didn't get it working, needed to turn to Valhalla 2. They invite a sounddesigner to get a bunch of great Pads, Bass and Keys "beautified" for a warm rich sound. By now, many presets are harsh, edgy, cold. I bought now Arturia Pigments as I did not manage to get done myself. 3. A wiki with details for the Devices and modules-and the ability to comment it. How the hell do I use a.e "Latch" ? The existing Help is nice- if you are a Pro. But then, you don't need a help. 4. A patch/instrument exchange library- or link to one that exists. combined with the forum. Sharing is caring. 5. A shortcuts so a user can type in absolute values instead of % (a.e for the note pitch shifter the "fine tune" know works with % and an absolute value (Herz) might be sometimes easier. Otherwise, Amazing Tool!


answered Jan 31 at 18:02 by former (277)

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