asked Mar 03 '18 at 16:17 by Brackpool (11)

Hi there, new to Bitwig. Go easy on me...

How do I put a single fixed automation value into a clip or into the timeline? Preferably by typing it in? And having it trigger whenever the clip is played, like bang on a bar line.

I can draw automation in lanes fine. But it's a bit of a drag mousing around to draw in a single fiixed value. I can't find a 'snap to" for CC values either. I'd muxh rather just type a value in and move on. If I want to change the value later on I just want to open up a dialogue box and type it in rather than dragging points around on a line.

I want Bitwig to control scenes and sequences on my Elektron Rytm and Sqaurp pyramid respectively (this is done by sending single CC values to the devices). (CC 69 with a value of 2 triggers sequence #2 on the Pyramid for example. ) I want to arrange these in the timeline L to R. So I want to send the values to trigger different scenes and sequences as the arrangement evolves.

Surely there is an easy way to do this without drawing automation in lanes? In the old days, sequencers had event lists where you could just type values in. Must be possible in Bitwig but I'm stumped. Hope someone out there can help.

Cheers, Jim.

Hey folks, a note to CC workaround would do for me here. Is there such a thing in Bitwig?

  — (Mar 07 '18 at 00:09) Brackpool

Wow, simple question, no answer. I want to know (do) this too!


answered Jun 09 at 19:45 by sj1 (81)

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