asked Mar 04 '18 at 16:33 by 71GA (46)



I already know it supports VST-Windows which I am using through Wine and a Airwave host. Now I want to know if Bitwig 1.3.16 supports plugins:

  • DSSI
  • LV2
  • VST-Linux

When and which versions of Bitwig will support at least some of these?

Hi 71GA, Bitwig supports VST in Linux just fine, but no LADSPA, DSSI, or LV2 support as of today, and I wouldn't bet on it in the short term, as at least LV2 seems to require a quite different hosting model, and VST3 is open source and runs on Linux just fine.


answered Mar 05 '18 at 02:00 by ejgallego (104)

I see. So VST3 will surely be supported?

  — (Mar 05 '18 at 07:24) 71GA

Both VST2 and VST3 is currently supported and they work reasonably well, taking into account that VST3 is really beta in Linux at the moment.

[I was playing with the SDK and indeed it seems it needs some more work]

  — (Mar 05 '18 at 09:39) ejgallego

Ah okay! So VST3 will surely be supported?


answered Mar 05 '18 at 07:24 by 71GA (46)

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