asked Mar 05 '18 at 15:55 by IAmLostForWords (91)


last week I posted a new entry here, asking for future possible updates in time signature realm (polyrhythms etc.) and asking for votes. Now this post is gone without further notification. How's that? Was there issues with the board, had it been moved somewhere else?


This happened to me as well with a post that was a pure feature request.

My guess is that they just delete such "questions" and add them to some internal feature-request/bug-tracking tool (though this is totally unverified).


answered Mar 20 '18 at 22:55 by hrrld (102)

Now this gets annoying - I have posted a request regarding signature and polyrhythms some days ago - after my first inquiry got lost here. I pointed that I would be fine, if someone told me that this is not the right place for such inquiry. No answer, nothing, but the post again is lost. I would have expected a notificiation, a hint, a closed thread. Things like that. But the 2nd time a post regarding the same topic simply disappears?

To Bitwig: I am a paying customer, I just renewed my subscription. Is that the way you take care of such things?


answered Mar 24 '18 at 18:59 by IAmLostForWords (91)

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