asked Mar 06 '18 at 18:10 by scorr14 (11)


I am Auditioning the demo of Bitwig on Linux. I am a long time Ableton user. I am almost fully migrated to Linux though, and I eventually imagine I will take the plunge and switch to Bitwig, so I can be 100% Linux.

I have just installed the demo on Linux Mint 18.3 running the Cinnamon desktop.

When I attempt to turn any knob in the software, as soon as I click on it, the knob turns immediately to 100% and my mouse relocates a few hundred pixels off to the top left. I can then subsequently not manipulate this knob at all.

Is there a solution?

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ps. This is literally that last thing preventing me from purchasing Bitwig. Please solve it someone! :P

  — (Jan 24 '19 at 00:17) scorr14

Ableton works fine under the WIne ;)

I also having same issue, but only with some rare VST's, so yeah, be strong)


answered Nov 28 '18 at 02:31 by Austrum (21)

anyone have any idea about this?


answered Jan 22 '19 at 23:45 by scorr14 (11)

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