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Is there anything like audio settings profiles available? I have a situation where sometimes I am hooked up to my modular and other hardware synths via an external USB sound card and have a particular Jack set up to achieve this alongside VCV Rack. However I don't always want to be hooked up to all of this external kit and I want to take my laptop somewhere else and just run Bitwig alongside only soft synths. For this I need another Jack configuration in the audio settings section. It takes quite a long time to set up all of my ADAT inputs and outputs etc and ideally I'd like to be able to switch between different profiles. Is anything like this available and if not is it on the road map or could it be considered for a future release?

Thanks again for such an awesome DAW and for supporting the Linux platform. Bitwig rocks :)

Dan Ballance.

Good question.

These days more and more synths, drum machines, etc are also audio interfaces that can be used to stream multiple channels of audio from the device into the DAW. That means I may wish to switch from one to the other depending on what I'm doing. Being able to store these configurations in bitwig would be a huge convenience.

I do not think it is currently possible to do that though. It would be a very useful feature.


answered Mar 12 at 08:56 by djx (239)

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