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has anyone seen an issue playing an external synth via the hw instrument - I am seeing out of sync playback from a midi clip on an instrument track, which has a hardware instrument device loaded to actually send the midi back to the hw synth. the audio playback from the hardware synth is not in tight sync with bitwig's sequence and soft synths and audio... I have never had a problem with this in any other daw on this machine. I have used Ableton, Sonar, and Pro Tools all of which playback an external synth in perfect sync with the daw's song. Is there something else I need to do to get the external synth to playback in sync? I have tried messing with the hw instrument's device settings in bitwig for delay, seems like that doesn't do anything? I pressed the 'ping' button and it indeed plays a very brief note on the connect hw synth - but, playback from bitwig is still off! in Ableton, i'm used to just clicking the drop down to send the midi right back to the same synth I recorded it on. there is no need to load any device to do it. so, this is new to me and I'm just wondering what's the best way to do it. The other strange thing i'm seeing in this hw instrument track - is that the mute button does nothing? is this expected? when I press mute - the midi clip still continues to playback.

I will add i'm using the Apollo 16 audio interface, and I know UAD can add special 'extra' buffers for their plugins ... I know Sonar accounts for this, and i'm sure Ableton does, I wonder if this throws off Bitwig - and they don't account for the extra buffers from UAD? Anyone know about that?

this is directly from the documentation from Sonar: Some plug-ins, such as iZotope Ozone 4 and various UAD plug-ins, change their internal delay (PDC) dynamically when certain parameters are modified, presets are changed or internal plug-in routing is changed. When a plug-in changes its internal delay, SONAR will detect this and re-sync all tracks in the project to this new delay value. While this is done you may hear a momentary interruption in playing audio. This is normal and required in order to keep tracks in sync and delay compensated.

I did a small test of this in a blank sequence with Bitwig and the synth and metronome only (no plugins or audio loaded) - Bitwig still cannot playback the midi to the external synth in sync with even it's own, I must be doing this wrong!

I have Sonar and it works perfectly- there is no delay or out of sync playback with the same hw synth tested in Bitwig.


I dont know anything about the Apollo 16 UAD part of your question. So take these comments as things to check rather than actual answers... So, you have the hw instrument device. You use it to send a midi clip to a synth. And you also use the hw instrument to receive audio back from your synth via the apollo into bitwig. Then presumably you are monitoring the bitwig main output back through the apollo. If all that is set up correctly, then the timing offset in the hw instrument, which you can set via the ping button, or manually by entering a value, should adjust the timing for the midi data sent to the synth so that the return audio will be in sync with the rest of the project. So a few things to note. The ping button requires that the synth audio is coming back into the hw instrument and is a clear well defined tone with a fast attack. If not you will probably need to enter a value manually by trial and error. Also, this timing compensation works for midi clips that have already been recorded. It does not work the same way when you are playing live.


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Ok so my problem then was the fact I wasn't sending the external synth audio back into Bitwig's hw device - I was only using it to send the midi to my synth, then the synth was just outputting to it's channel in the hw mixer - so, it was bypassing bitwig, therefore it wasn't able to get the roundtrip delay compensation whenever I hit the ping button. this is such a different workflow than anything I've used previously. but - once I sent the audio from my synth back to the hw device - pressed ping, bitwig set my DC to 5.40ms, then it was suddenly playing back in time with the rest of the song, sweet!

thanks for the info.


answered Mar 12 '18 at 21:13 by bwet (11)

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