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today I noticed a problem in Bitwig 2.3 when changing the audio device associated with the currently loaded project. this is Windows 10. what is happening, is some of my external hardware synths have built-in audio interfaces (everything is ASIO) , which I sometimes switch between during a recording session. This always has worked perfectly in Ableton. now, i'm using Bitwig which has some super awesome features - but I don't believe switching audio interfaces is supported on the fly as it is in Ableton. Can anyone confirm? As - I am unable to get it to work in Bitwig 2.3. What I'm seeing, is if I have the audio interface set when I open the project - then I attempt to switch to a different audio device from the Bitwig Audio Settings page - Bitwig will show an orange progress bar of Loading it appears it's changing the audio device - but then when it's done, I notice none of the settings will operate from Bitwig's audio settings page - I cannot change the sample rate drop down or the buffer settings - they seem to be frozen or not responding, like the UI thread is deadlocked. so, when I attempt to playback the project - the old interface still plays - not the one I just switched to. something seems broken but I thought i'd see if you guys have run into this or have a workaround. Thanks!

Quick update: so once I quit Bitwig, and re-launched - the audio device correctly switched and was playing back from the new interface selection. Also - all of the audio settings in Bitwigs audio page were now available, and working again.

this totally reminds me of when I used to work in Logic Pro - when I used Macs for audio - several years ago now when Macs were Motorola macs ! haha. but - Logic used to show a message if you attempted to change the core audio device. anyone remember that? it said something like "attempt to re-launch audio engine" ok? and sometimes it wouldn't work, and Logic would need to be rebooted to make the change if I recall correctly. that was a long time ago. now, in Bitwig - it seems like the same thing I remember on the old Mac with Logic - as Bitwig's audio page froze or locked when I attempted to change the audio device and I had to quit/restart bitwig to get it to work. (main app was still responsive, it just played back through the old/wrong iface.)


answered Mar 12 '18 at 20:24 by bwet (11)

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