asked Mar 13 '18 at 05:33 by bwet (11)

does anyone know how we can open our clips in Bitwig at their location from Windows Explorer? Or the Bitwig browser? I cannot seem to find any command to locate clips real quick.. I come from the other daw which has both of these commands as a right-click on the clip - and WHAM! the file is instantly located on the HD...this is like, probably the most single greatest feature of all humanity since it was added as I cannot recall how many hours of my life are gone now due to searching for files! :)))) - is this here somewhere? How do we do it on Windows?

what would be cool in Bitwig, is a locate in Browser, Link to Browser, Open in Browser, something like that. the same for Open in Explorer for the windows file location. Right now, the files seem disconnected from Bitwig's file system - like, I can search for them with the bitwig browser, but I cannot link to them in the browser. (or explorer).

also, where is the file information? in Bitwig, when I click on a midi or audio clip - and show the information pane at left - I seen no file info :( . Path to file on HD, file bit depth, file sample rate, stereo/mono, etc.. the usual info we look for seems missing in Bitwig 2.3..Please let me know if I'm just not seeing it.

thanks much!

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