asked Mar 15 '18 at 22:36 by voidex (113)

Maybe I missing something, but can't find how to do that:

I have LFO modulator in Hz mode, and I want Macro knob to control LFO frequency from 30Hz up to 45Hz. I set LFO frequency to 30Hz (ctrl + left-click, type 30). Now I modulate frequency knob with Macro knob, but what rate should I type there to get maximum value exactly 45Hz? It's obvious, that LFO frequency knob is not linear, e.g. middle position is not 25.01Hz ((50 + 0.02) / 2), so I can't even compute this value. Setting 0.1 rate seems not enought to reach 45Hz, but 0.2 is too large.

If I was able at least to see which 'real' knob value corresponds to 30Hz and 45Hz, i could then subtract one from another and get desired value.

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